Planescape - Dead Gods

The long Trek Home....

Leaving the Realm of Set, you started your journey back to Crux, but soon found out that something was wrong, the trek took too long and the scenery wasn’t right. Someone was messing with your heads!

Finding one of the Visages nearby, you realized it was somehow altering reality for you. Having stirred up a nest of Giant Pincer Beetles that attacked you while imagined swarms of insects covered your body, the Visage slinked away.

Returning to Crux things wen’t from bad to worse; sounds of screaming that no one else heard, shadows of a stalker that wasn’t there, rotting smell where there was none. Were you going insane?

You met with a group calling itself The Knights of the Void, 3 githyanki and two strange human mages. They told you about a massive residue of negative energy lingering in the Astral and accepted to go with you to the Warpwood where they inspected the negative energy lingering there. Their conclusion was that something extremely powerful, evil and reeking with negative energy came through here. A dead god returned to life? Possibly, the negative energy signaled that a dead entity of great power pierced the veil between worlds at this location.

Having made quite the ruckus in town, attacking poor Goundar the Fruit vendor and causing some trouble you are summoned by Constable Nachen Jon to High Point. There an ambush was sprung where 3 Visages had taken over the constables identity along with two other guards. The battle was odd as realities kept changing, but with the help of the Modron Five-Two-Six you were able to destroy them, eradicating the evil that had infested the town of Crux.

Next few days went into wrapping things up and making sure nothing else lingered, then after receiving gifts from Veridis Mov you turn your sight back on Sigil. For now.

The Hullabaloonigans strike again

Glittereye, the gloomy leader of the Ratatosk lead you to the Warpwood, but on your way you came across a strange being: A modron resembling some kind of mechanic starfish with faces on each „arm“. He identified as 526, a lost unit from the Great Modron March. Tasking you with the mission of escorting him back to Mechanus he now travels with you or waits patiently at the King‘s Table until you find the time to fulfill your mission.
He, too, spoke about something of great importance – namely whatever caused the Warpwood to exist.
The area around warpwood was disturbing; the wood itself had ripples from a point in the middle, much like water when a stone is cast into it. The uncomfortably black mid-point radiated evil, causing Glittereye to succumb to madness and attack you. Dealing with him as you would with any other rabid dog, you put him down.


Heading back to Crux you spotted a plume of smoke rising from one of the buildings in town – The Woodworker‘s Guild! Marlus Van had apparently also succumbed to the maddening sickness of the tree and went on a rampage, setting the house on fire wth people trapped inside.
Being heroes you quickly went inside to rescue the poor souls trapped within and deal with the mad druid.
Being egocentric adventurer assholes you managed to not only loose Marlus, but an unnamed mage that we shall call Jerkmenos turned himself into a Titanosaurus and collapsed the burning building unto three innocent woodworkers trapped in the fire. There should be some kind of a price for this behaviour…. and perhaps there will be….


Also, an assassination attempt was made on Abraham, the father of nations. A glimpse of crimson hair was seen from underneath a hood as an abyssal bolt flew true and nearly killed the old coot.
Dealing with an upset constable and town ruler went better than expected (lazy DM‘ing) and you were forbidden to leave the town.

Veridis Mov asked you about Talismin Redboar, assassin for the Abyssal Lords. Apparently she is the one who tried to kill Abraham, the same girl that you met in Iron Ridge. He told you she was dangerous, very dangerous and her connection to factions within the endless pits of the Abyss does not sit well with him.


Few days later you were contacted by an unnerved tavern owner, a murder had been commited at the King‘s Table – or a very strange suicide. An Ysgardian merchant had been found by the maid inside his room, looking as if he‘d crawled into a trunk by the bed and stabbed himself to death with a dagger.
The owners were adamant not to go to the authorities for some reasons the adventuring, egocentrical, oblivious assholes didn‘t care asking about. An investigation was made and it seemd nothing had been stolen, in fact the only thing missing was the key to the room and even though the merchant had been dead for 3-5 days the owner swore he‘d seen him about just a day ago.


More investigations, stake-outs and interrogations (sort of) later you came across a strange aasimar who you decided to follow, only to find that the Ysgardian merchant had been mimicked by a strange, partly etheral creature that had a face which spoke of decay and hat, partially covered by a macabre mask.
Following the creature you found it took a portal to another realm, Angukwaht (sp) the realm of Set, Lord of Evil. Having battled some of Set‘s Minions you were brought before Nekrotheptis Scorpios, High general in the armies of Set. He knew of the creatures you sought, they had come to the Red Desert to steal the Desert‘s Night, a rare flower from the garden of Set. He said they were aware of this and thus was his armies in position.
he told you to look to your own realm, the defense of Ankugwaht was well in place.
In short, you were dismissed and not killed, which is a bonus.


Roots of Darkness

With the bandit leader dead and a horde of khaasta at the doors our heroes decide to move up the tower only to run into the Toilmaster and an old, blind shaman offering them a deal: The transfer of the mantle of leadership to the Toilmaster and they’ll get safe passage out of this place.


Turns out our heroes don’t make deal with slavers and thieves. Also turns out they love tables….. and mutilated legs.

With more dead khaasta at their feet and two fireballs combined with magical darkness later they had brought down the bandits. The Circean Embers (Mojo juice) would not restore the charm back to the slaves, who went their own way after being freed.

Next stop would be the town of Crux who stood at the base of the World Tree, not far from Nathraaks.

Crux proved to be a beautiful town, all the houses aligned with the movement of the tree and carved by master woodworkers making the town a living piece of art. While making plans on what to do next Abraham has a flash meeting with Harut and Marut, two proxies (angels) of God, they tell him that “The Void has touched down in Crux, it’s shadows can be seen dancing in it’s people. and then they had a small chat about God…..

Of course this sent the old prick in a downward spiral of religious frenzy and binge drinking.

Meanwhile a familiar figure was spotted at the King’s Table Inn, a certain red head that was last seen sitting on the lap of Uthal in Iron Ridge. the firbolg gave chase but she was gone by the time he came outside.

Rumors of the ratatosk (squirrel shepherds and protectors of the Mother Tree) had been acting strange and some had been seen shouting about darkness and dark beings from the rooftops in Crux peaked their interest and they met up the town Constable, Nachen Jon. The stern man gave little away but told them that a ratatosk had been found dead outside of town, brutally hacked and slashed into pieces.


It was at that time that the (unofficial) leader of Crux, the charismatic yet enigmatic Veridis Mov approached them, asking for their help in investigating the Ratatosk issue. He himself has the feeling that something evil had been poking around Crux and poking around in his head even. Whatever it was he wants to know, as that is what he does – He knows things, thus Crux prospers.


With a quick stop at the Woodworker Guild they had a chat with Marlus Van, the town druid and worshipper of Yggdrasil. She told them the same as everyone else; that something was bothering the ratatosk and they should seek out Glittereye, their leader. Off they set for the lair of Glittereye and on their way they met two ratatosk who asked them dark, morbid riddles before offering to escort them to Glittereye. After coming into contact with hallucinogenic sap in the ratatosk’s air they met the old ratatosk who had strange moodswing, ranging from manic to depressed and cynical. He talks about the darkness that came to Yggdrasil and that it has spread to “The Groundling City, Crux!”
It appeared many seasons ago he says, but if that means weeks, months or years is hard to tell. Glittereye then offers to show them where the darkness came to Yggdrasil.


The Outlands and beyond

The trek out of Chariamaur was dull, at best. Wading through mud and mire for a day was not as glorious as one would expect, but soon mud gave way to solid ground and grass and great plains lay ahead.
One the way through the barren plains you met with a large caravan heading to Bedlam, the Gatetown of Pandemonium. Led by Tall Markas, a charismatic if somewhat scary man he told you he met the khaasta on their way to Ironridge, which lay two days journey from where you stood. He even purchased a bottle of beauty from them.
The goliath offered to play them the music of his people and did not disappoint.

So the journey took them to Ironridge, a trade-town nestled at the mouth of a massive mountain pass. It was there that the group witnessed a mob fighting over a terrified brewer and his wife that had traded bub for bottles some days earlier, but when they poured it over themselves it drove people mad with affection for them, even the goliath and the firbolg were smitten. They just had to possess the lovely couple.

After the town militia had taken matters in their own hands the heroes were left somewhat confused about what was going on so they sought answers at the Redmarch Inn. There they learned that the khaasta had indeed gone through town and traded with some folks, they were heading to the Realm of the Norns, which lay 4 days ahead.

After a night’s rest they traveled through the mountain pass to the lush plains that lay beyond.
That’s when they encountered Tiac Rami No and his castle that walked on four gargantuan chicken legs!


Tiac Rami No, is a planeswalker who has traveled through the planes on his walking castle, he met the khaasta and “persuaded” them to give him some of their bottles and now he wants more. Needs more!

Of course not everyone was happy with the fact that Tiac didn’t care how the liquid was collected and Uthel the Beacon of Morality told him exactly what he thought of him and had no interest in eating the curried meat offered. Then the Moral Beacon broke into Tiac’s room and tried to open his chest which sent him flying through a wall.

Nearing the Realm of the Norns Tiac and his guests quickly learned that the Norns do not tolerate a cutter of Tiac’s power to just stroll into their territory and swiftly dismissed him. Leaving the companions flying through empty air to crash on to the ground. After gathering their wits they entered a dense, silent forest which grew taller and more wild the further in they ventured. Eventually they came across a huge tree that had fallen and at the end of it was a portal that took them to the world tree itself; Yggdrasil!


Finding themselves on a tree branch more than 300 meters wide they followed the tracks onwards until they came to a huge knot in the tree, almost crater like in size. Finding another portal there they entered a demiplane consisting of few buildings and a large tower. There they scouted the area and found multitudes of khaasta and slaves and even the lizard king and his lovely, lovely Iguana pets. So lovely in fact that for the second time in few days the firbolg found himself craving to possess them.

After much planning they were found and brought in front of Hac(!)Niss the Lizard Lord who offered them to buy some of his bottles. Being the outstanding heroes that they are, they just killed him. But not before he had impaled Abraham and nearly killed.

They are now locked in a tower with a horde of khaasta outside and a dead Lord on the inside. Fun times await at Richmond High!

The thief of charm.
Where our heroes learn that anything can be stolen and even the Gods can be killed.

The Red Pony, Lower Ward.

Corbyn Wardkiller, the enigmatic kenku was pleased with the effort even though the results weren’t quite what he’d wanted. But such is the nature of secrets, sometimes you have to dig deep.
He asked you to lay low, yet keep your ears to the ground. All these questions might have turned unwanted attention their way and consequently; his way.

Another job was offered, this one personal. Which means it has nothing to do with Shemeshka the Marauder, but then again everything that goes on ins Sigil has to do with her, or so the chant goes.
Tiandra is a dark skinned woman, clad in expensive clothing, her features should by any means be called beautiful but when you met her you found her repulsing in a way you can’t understand, it’s not that she is hideous, it’s just that she is void of everything that can be seen as appealing. The same goes for tha youn half-elf boy that accompanies her.

They claimed lizardmen had stolen something from them with a contraption made of a “dark stick” with a bottle at one end. Is someone out there stealing the “charm” of people?

Tiandra wants it to end and she wants what was taken from her back. For this she will pay them a handsome sum.

So our heroes go prowling the Lower Ward where these attacks took place after dark. Long story short: They found the Khaasta (Alligator-like lizardmen) and fought them but the main group got away through a portal.

A day later and after visits to Lissandra The Gateseeker and Alluvius Russkin of Tivvum’s Antiquitites you obtained needed key to activate the portal, a Silver feather from an Arcadian Dovehawk.

What happens next will astound you!


Chariamaur, an ancient strip mine in the Outlands, nestled between the realms of Ilsensine – the patron deity of the Illithid, better known as Mindflayers and Gzemnid – The Great Mother of Beholders. Certainly not the nicest of places.
Once there you found yourself in the filthy surroundings of the ancient, abandoned mine. Mud covered ground spotted with oily puddles and air tasting like lead. The tracks were easy to follow and they soon took you to a strange rotunda, half sunk into the miry mud nested by one of the dark cliffs rising like ebon icebergs from the surrounding swamp.

Before you could get close enough a figure came running out of the building, dressed in dark, rich robes, clutching it’s head, it’s tentacled face showing only terror unscribable. Before it was able to reach you it’s head imploded, collapsing in on itself as it died horribly before you eyes.

Being curious cats you decided to enter the building, as any sane person would do. There you saw a dark portal, flickering with violent power and another mindflayer clutching a dais on the floor, one eye dark with blood as skin started to peel off his face DEAD….GOD IS DEAD! a horrible voice boomed in your heads The secrets are lost. It has slain our Maanzecorian….. as the creature dissolved into nothing so does the voice leave your head and a burst of strange, useless knowledge enters you heads.


Turning to the portal you see into a violent world of cold shadows, but an even darker shadow stands within, tendrils of pitch black surrounding it so you can’t make out it’s form, but you can feel it’s watching you, as it takes a step closer just as the portal is destroyed by the violent energies.

Maanzecorian dead? The Illithid God of knowledge and secrets, who killed him?

You could not linger long on those thoughts as a terrifying scream was heard outside, a bestial roar more primal than anything you’ve ever heard.


Three demonic creatures, apelike in appearance, terrifying and primal were drawn from their lair by the death of Maanzecorian and soon found you. The battle was fierce and brutal, but they fell one after the other…… what now?

Wiki Links.

The Great Modron March

Into the Light, Part I

No one knew for how long the old church had stood there, to be fair no one ever noticed it before, it was after all an altogether unremarkable building, the kind you’d pass by every day of your life and never give a second glance.

It wasn’t until workers were sent to tear it down that people started to notice Had it always stood there? but still they paid it no mind, it was there and now it was bound to disappear.

But it didn’t, though the workers did. Just up and vanished without a trace, or so the rumors go. But rumors are a funny breed, they tend to be untrue and within days the reason behind the disappearance was traced to everything from fiendish slave traders to the dabus that’d been seen milling around to the factions themselves. Questions like_ “Who was worshipped there?”_ “Who prayed at this church?” and “Where are the priests, then?” were being asked all around Lower Ward, but no answers were found.

So the Harmonium came to investigate and keep gawkers and addle-coves away and of course to investigate and catch the evil culprits accountable for this crime.
When the Harmonium patrol sent to investigate also disappeared it didn’t take much to keep people away.

Now it has been put on a lockdown by the Athar, claiming it a “Religious hazard” and tension rose when a group of Signers demanded access to the building. Both groups claim they have a right to their actions and so it has been for few days, that’s where you come in.


Having been contacted by one Corbyn Wardkiller, a known figure in Lower Ward and one who answers to a power few dare oppose, you met the enigmatic kenku at The Red Pony inn where he offered you a contract, find why the Signers and the Lost have nearly come to a blow, it doesn’t do not to know why tensions are so high.

It has taken you six days to find anything, after prowling the Lower Ward for rumors and half-truths, you realize you might have stepped on factions’ toes but it’ll have to do. You found out that there were some other people asking around too, but more importantly that someone was keen on spreading false rumors about this place, as if they weren’t keen on people asking around.
In the end you managed to sneak past the Athar guard and into the temple only to find it empty. There was nothing there except some stones at various place within the church of a different material and for older age then the church itself, covered in strange symbols and runes.

This is all you gathered and so you plan to meet with Corbyn Wardkiller at the Red Pony for your reward…..

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