Athar (The Defiers, The Lost)

  • Philosophy: The gods are frauds; the unknowable truth lies beyond the veil
  • Factol: Terrance
  • Sigil HQ: Shattered Temple (Lower Ward)
  • Home Field: Astral
  • Allies: Believers of the source
  • Enemies: -

“We deny not only the Gods’ right to pass judgment on mortals, but their very divinity!
~ Factol Terrance


Believers of the Source (Godsmen)

  • Philosophy: All life springs from the same divine source, ascending and descending in form as the cosmos tests it.
  • Factol: Ambar Vergrove
  • Sigil HQ: Great Foundry (Lower Ward)
  • Home Field: Ethereal demiplanes
  • Allies: Doomguard, Dustmen, Revolutionary League
  • Enemies: Fraternity of Order, Harmonium, Mercykillers

“Hard bunch to dislike, they believe in the ultimate worth of every individual, from the lowliest cutpurse to the noblest blood. Yes, that even includes primes.”
~ Jazbok Shardcaller, Planewalker.


The Bleak Cabal (Bleakers, The Cabal, Madmen)

  • Philosophy: The Multiverse ain’t supposed to make sense; there’s no grand scheme, no deep meaning, no elusive order. The only truth worth finding lies within.
  • Factol: Lhar
  • Sigil HQ: The Gatehouse (Hive Ward)
  • Home Field: Pandemonium
  • Allies: Doomguard, Dustmen, Revolutionary League
  • Enemies: Fraternity of Order, Harmonium, Mercykillers.

“An optimistic Bleaker? If I could remember how, I’d laugh.”
~ Reven Tres, Bleaker


The Doomguard (Sinkers)

  • Philosophy: Entropy is ecstasy; decay is divine. The Multiverse is supposed to fall apart. We’re just here to keep the leatherheads from interfering.
  • Factol: Pentar
  • Sigil HQ: Armory (The Lady’s Ward)
  • Home Field: Each Negative Quasiplane
  • Allies: Bleak Cabal, Dustment.
  • Enemies: Fraternity of Order, Harmonium.

“Someday, Yanek, none of this will be yours.”
~ Sinker father to his son.


Dustmen (The Dead)

  • Philosophy: We’re all dead – some more so than others. So, we explore our current state with patience, purge our passion and ascend toward the purity of True Death.
  • Factol: Skall
  • Sigil HQ: Mortuary (Hive Ward)
  • Home Field: Negative Energy Plane
  • Allies: Bleak Cabal, Doomguard.
  • Enemies: Society of Sensation, Sign of One.

“Die and let die.”
~ Faction Motto


The Fated (Takers, Heartless)

  • Philosophy: The Multiverse belongs to those who seize it. No one’s to blame for a poor sod’s fate but the sorry sod himself.
  • Factol: Duke Rowan Darkwood
  • Sigil HQ: Hall of Records (Clerk’s Ward)
  • Home Field: Ysgard
  • Allies: Free League, Mercykillers (loosely)
  • Enemies: Harmonium

“It’s yours? My dear, you belong to me.”
~ Gormund Bellington III, Taker.


Fraternity of Order (Guvners)

  • Philosophy: Everything has laws; most are dark. Learn the laws of the Multiverse and you can rule it.
  • Factol: Hashkar
  • Sigil HQ: City Court (The Lady’s Ward)
  • Home Field: Mechanus
  • Allies: Mercykillers, Harmonium.
  • Enemies: Xaositects, Revolutionary League

“Know all the rules, command all there is.”
~ Factol Hashkar.


The Free League (Indeps)

  • Philosophy: This ain’t no faction! Nobody tells us what to do!
  • Factol: None
  • Sigil HQ: Great Bazaar (Market Ward)
  • Home Field: Outlands
  • Allies: Fated (Sometimes)
  • Enemies: Harmonium

“I’m an individual!”
~ Kalo Seth, an Indep who gets it.

“Me, too!”
~ Peeping Jomatt, an Indep who doesn’t.


Harmonium (Hard Heads)

  • Philosophy: Peace is our goal. But if it takes a little war to get others to set things right, the Harmonium way, so be it. That’s how we’ll reach our golden harmony.
  • Factol: Sarin
  • Sigil HQ: City Barracks (The Lady’s Ward)
  • Home Field: Arcadia
  • Allies: Guvners, Mercykillers
  • Enemies: Indeps, Revolutionary League, Xaositects

“Universal Peace and Harmony – or else!”
~ A joke, but not really.


Mercykillers (Red Death)

  • Philosophy: Justice is everything. When properly applied, punishment leads to perfection.
  • Factol: Alisohn Nilesia
  • Sigil HQ: Prison (The Lady’s Ward)
  • Home Field: Acheron
  • Allies: Harmonium, Guvners
  • Enemies: Sensates, Signers, Revolutionary League

“I have here a warrant, sirrah! Surrender yourself willingly or I shall have the pleasure of executing you immediately.”
~ Jasy, a justicar after a decade-long search.


Revolutionary League (Anarchists)

  • Philosophy: The Status Quo is built on lies and greed. Crush the factions, break ‘em all down and rebuild with what’s left – that’s the only way to find the real truth!
  • Factol: None
  • Sigil HQ: Mobile
  • Home Field: Carceri
  • Allies: Doomguard, Xaositects (Weak tie)
  • Enemies: Harmonium, Guvners

“A wound won’t heal until you burn away the infection.”
~ Guttersteps, Anarchist


Sign of One (Signers)

  • Philosophy: The Multiverse exists because the mind imagines it. The Signers – it could be any Signer – create the multiverse through the power of thought.
  • Factol: Darius
  • Sigil HQ: Hall of Speakers (Clerk’s Ward)
  • Home Field: Beastlands
  • Allies: Sensates
  • Enemies: Bleak Cabal (Especially), Harmonium

“You think what I think you think. Cross me and I’ll make you wish I never thought of you at all.”
~ Factol Darius to an Anarchist.


Society of Sensation (Sensates)

  • Philosophy: To know the Multiverse, experience it fully. The senses form the path to truth, for the multiverse doesn’t exist beyond what can be sensed.
  • Factol: Erin Montgomery
  • Sigil HQ: Civic Festhall (Clerk’s Ward)
  • Home Field: Arborea
  • Allies: Signers, occasionally Indeps and Guvners.
  • Enemies: Doomguard; often Mercykillers.

~ Typical Sensate response to any proposition.


Transcendent Order (Ciphers)

  • Philosophy: Action without thought is the purest response. Train body and mind to act in harmony, and the spirit will become one with the Multiverse.
  • Factol: Rhys
  • Sigi HQ: Great Gymnasium (Guildhall Ward)
  • Home Field: Elysium
  • Allies: Most factions
  • Enemies: Harmonium (suspicion)

“Acting without thought doesn’t mean we act all the time. There’s time to act and a time to be still. Inaction is a form of action, after all.”
~ Cipher chant.


Xaositects (Chaosmen)

  • Philosophy: Chaos is truth, order delusion. Embracing the randomness of the Multiverse, one learns its secrets.
  • Factol: Karan
  • Sigil HQ: Hive (Hive Ward)
  • Home Field: Limbo
  • Allies: Doomguard, Bleakers
  • Enemies: Harmonium, Guvners

“Not insane am I, do to I naturally me merely comes what to Multiverse the randomness the accordance of.”
~ Jake, Chaosman.


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